Going on an overseas holiday can be pretty darn expensive. Hello, that’s why most of us are sitting here at work instead of galavanting around Europe in the summer sun like everyone on Instagram.

And so it’s completely understandable that someone would go absolutely MENTAL when they find out that their hard earned and long saved money for a trip had been impulsively spent on something completely ridiculous.

Poor Andrew experienced these frustrating emotions when his girlfriend Brittany called him up and told him that the money they had been saving for a holiday to Japan had just been spent on a baby goat.

Yep. Say goodbye to sushi and karaoke Andrew, your 500 smackaroos have just been spent on a farm animal. It’s safe to say that Andrew absolutely lost his marbles when he heard the news.

But luckily it was all part of one of Kyle and Jackie O’s Only Lying prank calls and instead of loosing $500 to a goat, the couple actually won $1000 to add to their holiday kitty!


Listen to the whole thing take place in the video above! And just wait until you hear Kyle chiming in making goat noises!

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