There’s no doubt that siblings can get on each other’s nerves from time to time and anyone who has one would know that you don’t always get along, but what would you do if your sister told you that she had spent a LOT of your money?

And not just any money…they money that you’d been saving to go on your HONEYMOON?!

This is what happened to one of our listeners Starlet. Or at least that’s what she thought had happened.

Starlet’s sister Lou called up Kyle and Jackie O wanting to do one of our infamous Only Lying prank calls on her sis.

She told us that Star is a bit of a hot head and would definitely have an insane reaction. And she didn’t exaggerate in the slightest!

Lou explained to us that her sister had been transferring money to her in order to help save money for her Honeymoon. However, when it came to the prank call, she told her sister Star that she had actually spent this money on her rent and to pay of various expenses on her credit card.

And well, Star absolutely lost it. You know how when some people get INCREDIBLY angry that they speak really softly and huff and puff instead of yelling? Yeah that’s when you know you’re in deep trouble and that’s exactly what Star did. Just with a ton of expletives added in.


“What the f*cking f*ck?!,” said Star through breaths. “You f*cking dumb dipsh*t cow!”

Watch the entire Only Lying play out in the video above!

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