There’s no doubt that getting married is an expensive endeavour, and buying the all important engagement ring can be one of the items that takes up a rather large chunk of the wedding budget.

And so you can understand then why this one particular guy absolutely lost it at his fiancé when she told him that she had sold her engagement ring that cost a whopping $25,000 (jeez it must’ve been one amazing diamond…) and exchanged it for an $8,000 gun.

Natalie told her fiancé Mitch that she needed the handgun to give to her brother because he was in danger.

Thankfully, this didn’t actually happen and in fact it was all part of one of Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘Only Lying’ prank calls, which involve listeners calling their loved ones and telling them a lie that is sure to make them fire up!

However, this time around there was a particular theme given to the prankee Natalie. She had to form her lie around something that was thug related in order to win a trip to New York city thanks to ‘Power’ on Stan. And so the lie based around the overly priced diamond ring and the cheap hand gun was born.


And just incase this lie wasn’t gangster enough, for extra effect Natalie decided to throw in the line, “I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.”

It’s safe to say that Mitch absolutely lost his marbles at the thought that his hard earned money had been thrown away and traded in for a much cheaper item.

Listen to the absolutely hilarious ‘Only Lying’ prank call in the video above!

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