In general Kyle and Jackie O’s Only Lying prank calls tend to get pretty savage with tons of yelling, sometimes tears and of course expletives thrown around left right and centre.

But when these two tradies took to the airwaves after one told the other that he had to pay a massive clean up fee for leaving a site messy, things got way more wild than we were expecting.

Waheed was the man behind the prank on his employee Marvin and very soon into the call both men started getting really fired up.

Long story short, Marvin was claiming that the mess in question wasn’t actually his fault because one of his workers, the one and only Charlie who will star later on in this story, was the one who was supposed to clean up everything.

He also said that Charlie had already cost him a whole heap of money after managing to fall through the roof while working on the site. And this is where it starts to go from great to AMAZING!


Marvin was so cut up about the fact that Waheed would expect him to pay to clean this up that he threatened to come back to the site with Charlie and get him to fall through the roof again!

“Just so he can f*cking fall through the roof again, just to prove a point, I don’t give a f*ck about you,” screamed Marvin. “I’m shoving Charlie in the roof, I’m going to make him fall through the roof again and not pay a f*cking cent for it.”

By the time Kyle and Jackie intervened and revealed that the whole thing was a lie Charlie had become the unlikely hero of this story.

“I Charlie really that fat that he’s just up on the roof and then falls through it?” asked Jackie.

It turns out that Charlie really just is that clumsy and unlucky. And well this is where the story turned from a simple only lying prank call into a major rescue mission.

“By coincidence, I swear by coincidence, I’m actually waiting for the SES right now to get him from under the house,” said Marvin. “He got stuck under the house the fat m*tt.”


Kyle and Jackie managed to get Charlie on air while he was stuck under the house and were with him throughout the whole rescue mission. And seriously the way that they managed to get Charlie out of the tight spot was HILARIOUS!

Watch the video above to find out the creative way that Charlie managed to become unstuck! Full blown belly laughs are guaranteed.

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