Why is this season of The Bachelor so obsessed with babies?

Almost every episode so far, we have had some chat about kids. Is Richie obsessed with them?

Last night took it a whole new level, though, with the involvement of those annoying dolls we all got given in year 9.

When the girls found their baby dolls in the kitchen, it was clear that some were awkward before Richie entered the room holding a faux infant, promoting sighs of desire from the group.

“Most people don’t realise that a man with a baby to women is such a sexy thing,” said contestant Kiki.

For the actual date part of the day, the girls had to try and play mini golf. Which was a little bit of disaster considering the girls couldn’t keep an eye on their babies that well while trying to get a ball through a windmill.


It wasn’t until host, Osher Ginsberg, dropped a bombshell that the girls were ashamed, with him saying “They’re loaded with sensors … they’ve been reading your every soothe, every hold, every change, every feed.”

With that told, the results were revealed, with Nikki found to have the best parenting skills and therefore scoring herself a single date with Richie.

There was one person, who remains un-named, that wasn’t show great, with host Osher Gunsberg tweeting ‘’FYI: on a scale of 0-100, one of the babies scored in the negative. The tech on site said “Oh shit, xx’s baby’s dead!” Oops.’’


It could be Kiki by the sounds of it, who thought she was a great Mum because ‘’My baby was crying a lot, and I didn’t lose my patience,” Kiki complained.

During their date, Nikki and Richie were straight onto the topic of kids, with Richie saying “When I walked in in the morning and, you know, I saw you feeding the baby straight away … I was just like,  ‘I think we’ve got a contender’,” Richie told a clearly overjoyed Nikki.

“So, you want to have babies, yeah?” Nikki asked.

Yes, he wants kids. We have learnt that now, yeah?

Such an awkward date.

The Bachelor continues tonight on Channel Ten at 7:30 PM.

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