He’s BACK!

Matthew Le Nevez will make his Offspring return as Dr Patrick Reid in the next episode of Offspring!

The use actor is back for one of Nina Proudman trademark fantasy sequence, and the topic is sperm.

Last night’s episode saw Patrick’s ex-wife Jodie arrive at St Francis Hospital to tell Nina that Patrick had preserved some of his sperm before he died.

“I’ve been debating whether I should or shouldn’t have this conversation with you — I don’t know your situation. I don’t know if you’re single or…,” Jodie said

“Yes, I’m single. Why? Is it something to do with Patrick?” Nina replied.

“Yep. OK. Here goes. When we were married, Patrick had some of his sperm frozen,” Jodie says. “I didn’t know about it. I got a letter from the clinic. It’s here in Melbourne. It still exists. “I got a letter asking if I’d like to renew the storage on it. I thought it was only fair if I offer it to you so you can have another child if you want it.”


The episode finished on stunned Nina who now has to decide whether to take up the offer to conceive another child.

The next episode will feature a fantasy sequence where Nina discusses whether to have more children with Patrick. They already have a daughter Zoe.

Le Nevez’s character died at the end of the fourth series of the smash hit show but kept popping up during series five in Nina’s thoughts.

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