Jackie had a pretty traumatic injury over the weekend doing one of her many activities. And nope it wasn’t something that happened during something physical like Ju Jitsu…It all went down while she was doing a meditation class!

Of course you must be thinking how difficult it has to be to manage to hurt yourself while doing meditation since it’s something that is more mental than physical, but we should explain that there was another factor involved in the incident. The class was taking place outside.

Jackie originally thought that a meditation class in the outdoors on top of some cliffs overlooking the ocean would be incredibly relaxing. But as soon as her body started to lose all of it’s tension she started to feel an enormous burst of pain!

Why? Because a pesky little ant had managed to crawl it’s way up Jackie’s leg, into her underpants and decided to BITE her right on her vajayjay!!

Jackie was obviously in pain but she couldn’t make any noise because everyone around her was completely silent as they were calmly meditating! She tried to brush the ant away subtly but it wouldn’t work and so eventually she had to take action.


“I had to stop down,” said Jackie. “I had to say ‘I’m sorry, I have a situation’. I turned my back to him and said ‘something’s crawled into my pant’s, I’m sorry’.”

“What a thing to have to say to the meditation bloke!”, exclaimed Kyle. And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. It would’ve been completely CIRNGE!

Watch Jackie explaining the whole story in the video above. But just be warned, she had all of us WINCING as she explained exactly where the nasty ant bit her…

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