OK Go have found their niche with EPIC music videos. 

But this latest clip for “The One Moment” by far outdoes the rest. 

Filmed in just over four seconds, with incredible digital precision, what you see is actually moving faster than the speed of sound when played in real time. 

When slowed down, however, it becomes a perfectly timed masterpiece. 


We can’t stop watching it, over and over. 

The meaning behind the song is just as captivating. And after watching the film clip makes so much sense. 

“The song ‘The One Moment’ is about those moments in life when you are most alive, the moments that truly matter, the moments when everything changes,” OK Go’s Damian Kulash Jr said in a statement.

 “We shot the video in a single moment to bring this feeling to life. We want to show that a single moment can contain so much wonder, so much beauty, and so much change.

“We hope it helps inspire people to use their moments wisely.”


If that’s not enough, OK GO are also using the video clip for charitable reasons too, to promote Morton Salt’s charitable initiative #WalkHerWalk.

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