A 21-year-old student and mother of one who refused to be a bridesmaid at her aunty’s wedding because of her size has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Gemma Wright was a size 26 when her aunty asked her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding back in 2013 and was horrified at the thought of walking down the aisle.

Instead, she chose to wear a long-sleeved black dress that covered her body and stood at the back of the church.

The Liverpool local said, ‘I had to cover up in a black, floaty dress with sleeves and spent the day gazing at the beautiful outfits that the other guests were wearing.

The mum of one piled on the majority of her weight after giving birth to her son Lennon in June of 2012 and has never been able to lose it.

‘It’s hard being a new mother – I had to feed my son and get him to sleep all while keeping myself well fed,’ she said.

‘In the end I let my diet slip. It was easier to grab whatever food was around than to watch what I ate. I would eat whenever I had a spare moment, which meant I crammed my mouth full of crisps and chocolate.’


After watching her Aunty say her vows in the church, Gemma decided to make a vow of her own. She was going to lose a whopping 50 kilos through diet and exercise.

‘My aunt’s wedding was the happiest day of her life – and a real turning point in mine.’

She started by swapping fried breakfasts and fatty takeaways for fresh vegetables and lean meat and fish. A far cry from the pizza and full English breakfasts she was used to consuming.

These days, Gemma tucks into porridge for breakfast, a tuna salad for lunch and a Weight Watchers lasagne with salad for dinner.


She also began working out at home to exercise videos and then joined the gym and started attending four times a week.

Just over a year later, Gemma is now a healthy size 14 and has a new lease on life.

‘I can now fit into all the slim dresses I used to wear before I was fat – I feel absolutely incredible.’

Images via dailymail.co.uk

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