If you’re a young driver, no doubt one of the biggest hurdles in your young life is the DREADED learner log book they hand you when you first get your L-plates.

As if learning to drive wasn’t painful enough, you also have to be on your game CONSTANTLY.

Taking notes of kilometres driven, stressing about what to write when you forget to set the button that measures your drive, faking the weather conditions to show variety – and agonising over how many hours you have left to drive until you hit the minimum number needed.

Well, we’re so pleased to report that young drivers could soon be ditching the hassle that is the logbook, according to Roads Minister Duncan Gay, who says it’s set to be replaced with an app to make life easier.

He said, “the paper learner log book system has been around for 16 years.

Ask any learner or parent – it’s time for the system to tap into new technology and move forward to the digital age.” Mr Gay said that the apps “need to be designed so as to not distract learner drivers or their supervisors.

Learner drivers are not permitted to use their mobile phones while in a vehicle.” The word is that the NSW government is calling on tech geniuses to help come up with an alternative, so make sure you put your hand up if that’s you!