If there is any confusion over this, it’s because currently, QR code check-ins through the Service NSW app are only compulsory at most retails and hospitality businesses however that’s about to change.

You will soon have to check in when going grocery shopping or when entering your workplace!

The option might have always been there, but from July 12th it will become mandatory so better get into the habit ASAP!

You can read the full mandate here if you want to educate yourself.

The following places have been put on the list of mandatory QR check-ins:

  • Retail businesses and supermarkets
  • Individual shops within shopping centres
  • Shopping centres will also be asked to display QR codes at entry points where practicable
  • Gyms
  • Offices, including call centres
  • Manufacturing and warehousing
  • Universities and TAFE
  • Schools including teachers and visitors (such as parents and contractors) but excluding students.

With the current Delta strain more infectious than the last, it’s never been more important for the government to be able to contract trace where people are getting infected for our own safety.