Good news for all you Twitter users- we’ve got a how to guide for you to become verified. That’s right! You too can now have that little blue tick you have been yearning for, for all these years.

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

1. Complete your profile.
I’m talking everything – do not leave a field blank, otherwise your profile won’t be considered!

2. Make sure your tweets are set to public.
This is a must.

3. Get your branding together.
The support page on Twitter suggests that you should adopt ‘common characteristics of other verified accounts’, and basically those kinds of accounts are pretty much all about showing off a strong brand – be it personal or corporate. (More info)


4. Sell Yourself.
You need to get Twitter on your side – they need to know why you deserve to be a verified account. Include URLs showing your relevance, impact and importance. Twitter may even ask for a ‘legible copy of your government issued ID’ but they just mean your driver’s license or passport. Easy.

Go forth and become verified!!

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