Is your life filled with tutus, pointed toes, jetés and a mum who has a fit when you’re not front and centre in the group dance?

Then form an orderly line and get your jazz hands ready, because everyone’s favourite dance show, Dance Mom’s is creating a show here in Australia! And casting is literally already open!

We’re basically ready to cry happy tears (but of course we’ll save them for our pillow).

Now there is one noticeable difference for the Aussie version of the show. And no it’s not that the show will be called ‘Dance Mum’s’ instead of ‘Dance Moms’.

There’s a new dance coach in town and it just so happens to be child star and most recently, The Masked Singer celeb, Nikki Webster.


Nikki created a video announcing that people can send in their audition videos now!

“Hey guys it’s Nikki Webster and Dance Moms, well we might call it Dance Mums, is coming to Australia! And I’m searching for the best elite dance troupe in the world and I need you to audition,” Nikki says.

“I need you to get me one minute of you dancing and one minute of you having a chat to your mum and upload it.”

The only other criteria is that you must be aged between 8 and 16 to apply.


You can upload your video here!

Now we’re not sure whether this means that Abbey Lee Miller has no affiliation with the Aussie version of the hit show or whether she will pop in to help Nikki along the way.

If not, it certainly will be a different show compared to the OG version because we don’t think Nikki has a single mean bone in her body.

Miss Webster is certainly qualified though seeing as she owns her own dance school, Dance @ Nikki Webster.

We can’t WAIT to start binging this show!

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