If you’ve been missing, wishing, missing Nikki Webster’s strawberry kisses then you would have been very pleased to see her burst back onto the scene on The Masked Singer last night.

Nikki was unmasked as The Alien last night following a stellar performance of ‘Youngblood’ by Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer.

And while we weren’t necessarily shocked to see Nikki’s bright and bubbly face pop up when the mask was officially removed, we certainly were happy about it!

Nikki joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat all about her experience on Channel 10’s latest competition show.

Nikki told us that she was so excited to take part in order to inspire the students at her dance school. But she had to keep it a secret from absolutely everyone!

“I guess that’s what doing this show was about was showing them, yes they’ve seen all of my stuff on YouTube when they weren’t even born and they’ve kind of revisited what I’ve done but that I’m still doing things and I’m still pushing my career and you’ve got to work hard to have a career,” Nikki told us this morning.


“She had no clue,” Nikki added about her five-year-old daughter. “And thank god I never told her because last week everyone was asking her, like in the street, ‘Is your mum the Alien?’.”

“And then last night she was watching it and I didn’t watch the TV I just watched her and her face was incredible,” Nikki added.

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After Nikki’s incredible voice was brought back to our attention on the show, Jackie decided to ask whether she would consider doing anything with music in the future.

“Any new music from you?” Jackie asked.

“Hopefully! I’ve definitely written new music,” Nikki revealed. But she’s also working on some new and exciting things outside of the recording studio!


“I’m kind of working on some other projects that hopefully will come to fruition you know, outside of music and for the new generations of tomorrow, so that’s my real passion.”

How exciting! We can’t wait to see more from the Strawberry Kisses and now The Masked Singer star in the future.

Hear more from our chat with Nikki Webster in the video above!