Nikki Webster’s performances on The Masked Singer might have been pitch perfect but it turns out that her first performance on night one of the show had a major error!

But the malfunction wasn’t actually shown on TV!

Nikki joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when Nikki and Jackie, who is one of the panelists of the show, revealed the inside goss on the moment that never made it to air.

According to the pair, the moment occurred as Nikki was singing Born This Way and was trying to have a Lady Gaga moment as she emerged sining from inside a big bubble as the Alien.

But things didn’t really work out as planned the first time around!


“A lot of people don’t know this but on the first episode that we recorded, you were in this perspex bubble,” Jackie began.

“It was like a world, like an alien kind of world where this alien was kind of hatching out of this egg was the idea of it, however, it never went right,” Nikki revealed.

While in the official footage from the show Nikki is seen successfully emerging from the bubble to finish her performance, she told us that things didn’t run so smoothly during the actual filming.

“We had quite a bit of problems with your egg didn’t we,” Jackie said.

“And it takes a good 25 minutes to blow it up,” Nikki continued. “So they have to blow it up halfway, and then I have to try and get inside with the head which is just ridiculous in this little hole.

“And then, trying to remember I’ve got to sing, and then the dances were supposed to pull it and it was supposed to open beautifully and I was supposed to emerge as the Alien.”


“But it didn’t,” Jackie added with a laugh.

Apparently the big bubble actually collapsed leaving Nikki trapped inside!

“It collapsed on Nikki,” Jackie revealed. “She was midway singing, it totally collapsed and it looked like it was suctioning in on you and you stopped singing and it went dead.”

After the mishap, Nikki then had to restart her performance for the recording, which she explained was incredibly hard work when you’re wearing a massive costume.

“I think that’s where they banned all hard sets,” Nikki added. “But I had to sing back-to-back for that episode. It was hard because I was boiling and hot and sweaty, I couldn’t take the head off as they were blowing up the thing. It was crazy.”

Kyle was so gobsmacked by the revelation!


“People are taking their lives into their own hands being on this show,” he exclaimed.

“Imagine if you died in an Alien head inside a deflated bubble.”

“What a way to go,” Jackie laughed.

Thankfully Nikki managed to make it out of that one unharmed! Relive her first performance as the Alien in the video below!