Worryingly, our favourite vampish chef isn’t looking like her usual gorgeous, voluptuous self.

Nigella Lawson was snapped out and about in London on Sunday afternoon looking as drawn out and gaunt as she did last year in the midst of her turbulent troubles with then husband Charles Saatchi.

So what’s the reason behind the 55-year-old’s worryingly gaunt frame? A post-Christmas health kick, or something else?

Reports from the Daily Mail claim that it could be due to her television show, The Taste, not doing as well as hoped for in the US.

The show reportedly only received three million views on New Years Day, which may sound pretty good, but not when you consider that it once attracted a whopping seven million!

Yep, that pensive look on her face could be because the show is about to get the axe, much to the dismay of Nigella and her co-hosts Anthony Bourdain, Marcus Lefebvre and Martin Samuelsson.

Hang in there Nigella, you’ll land on your feet!


Bitches bow down! #nigellalawson #imnotgaybutimakeexceptions #flawless #makemeasandwich

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