UPDATE: While initial reports said that Nicole Kidman had been the sole family representative at daughter Bella’s wedding, it has now been revealed that neither parent was involved. 

According to People magazine, Tom did take care of the bill for the newlywed’s nuptials but did not walk her down the aisle. While Nicole holds no ill-will at not being there, wishing her daughter well for this chapter in her life. 

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According to Woman’s Day magazine, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s adopted daughter, Isabella Cruise secretly wed last month, but her brother, dad and younger sister, Suri, were not in attendance. Nicole was, though!

The blended family is as notorious for their privacy as they are the seeming fractures in relationships. While it has long been reported that Nicole has a strained relationship with Isabella and adoptive brother, Connor, due to their inclusion in the Scientology community – a controversial religion dad, Tom Cruise, is heavily involved in – it seems things have mended.

According to the magazine, Nicole was the only immediately family invited to the nuptials between Isabella (affectionately known as Bella) and her now-husband, Max Parker, at The Dorchester Hotel in London on September 18.

The reasons for Tom not being in attendance are unclear, but it appears that although Bella is a practicing Scientologist, it was not a Scientology ceremony.


Source: news.com.au

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