Nicole Kidman and Kyle Sandilands might be good friends, but that doesn’t mean that Nic’s going to let Kyle get away with some of his more cheeky comments!

And she proved as much this morning while chatting with us on the show!

Nicole Joined us to talk about the finale episode of Big Little Lies Season two. And while both Kyle and Jackie are MEGA fans of the series, the conversation quickly turned to other things.

Including Nicole’s husband, and also a good friend of Kyles, Keith Urban.

Kyle had heard an interview that Keith had done recently in which he explained the meaning behind one of his more recent songs and he wanted to ask Nicole whether she knew about it.


“Keith was asked about that song called Gemini and he said that’s about you in the bedroom and that you’re a maniac,” Kyle recalled. “Did you say to him, ‘Watch what you say to me darling’.”

“You’re so bad!” Nicole exclaimed at first before adding, “I don’t censor his art if I can be a muse for it”.

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Nicole went on to say that it is kind of embarrassing to have your love life written about in a song but that it could have been much worse.

“It is embarrassing but at the same time it’s better than saying, ‘God I’m so bored. Make an effort Nicole’,” she laughed.


Nicole’s always up for a bit of fun, but then Kyle took it one step too far. As usual.

“Listen to this bit here. This might surprise you. He also says you wake up in the middle of the night to get your freak on,” Kyle said cheekily.

What? Shut up! You’re making that up,” Nicole replied.

“No, no I’m reading it here!” Kyle added.

“SHUT UP KYLE!” scolded Nicole.

Ooohhh you’re in trouble now Kyle!!


“I’m not answering that. That’s outrageous!” she added with a laugh.

Well you know what they say Nicole – expect the unexpected here with us!

Check out our full chat with Nicole Kidman in our special podcast below!

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