Image: Twitter

A bunch of celebrities have gone down the path of releasing apps and games, most famously Kim Kardashian and Ellen.

Now Nicki Minaj is traveling the same path with her very own mobile game called ‘Nicki Minaj: The Empire!’, which fans are already obsessed with after only one day! Fans have been giving it rave reviews, and if you needed any further incentive, if you get a high score you could be meeting Nicki herself! This is how she replied when one user tweeted her that question..

So what’s it all about anyway? As a user, you’ll earn your way up the ranks from being a young artist to becoming the queen of hip hop! The game let’s you flirt with people, party hard, pick out amazing outfits, customize your mansion and of course write lyrics and perform music! An exclusive track called “Ain’t Gone Do It,” was produced especially for the game and you can even drop your own verse on it!

Her fans are going absolutely nuts for it but it’s fair to say Nicki herself is too, tweeting about it non-stop! See some of what’s been going on below..

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