If there’s one thing Niall Horan is sick and tired of hearing about, apart from when there’s going to be a god damn OneD reunion, it’s about his relationship status with Selena Gomez.

The pair have been friends for ages and ever since Niall posted a picture of Gomez in his Instagram story last year, basically started a petition on Twitter to get the two of them officially together.

There are also rumours that they dated for a hot minute back in 2015 but that’s unconfirmed.

Anyway, when Niall joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning and they asked him about all of this relationship nonsense going on with Selena Gomez, he immediately shut it down.

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2019 has been so amazing. I’ve had time to relax, see the family more than ever, go to festivals with friends and also make a record that I couldn’t be more proud of. I’ve had so much fun. The start of the year was hard as I was still in my ‘sad song’ writing state of mind and they are not easy songs to write. Post that I had a lot of fun making fun music and Looking back on the process i had a lot a fucking great time writing and recording this stuff and I think you’ll be able to hear that in the music (apart from the sad ones obviously). The last few months since releasing NTMY have been incredible. It’s been so fun to be back out there travelling the world, playing on different shows, radio stuff, photo shoots and all the stuff that comes with what we do. SNL obviously being a MAJOR highlight. I love this picture above as it kinda sums me up right now. I’m feeling confident, happy, cheeky (as per usual) and very excited about 2020. I’ll be releasing Singles, an album and of course the NTMY world tour is happening!!!!! Get your tickets and come watch me. I’ve wanted to put a show on like this for years and I promise you I’ll give 200% on stage every night and give you your value for money. ( I’ll be announcing more dates in the coming weeks) Thank you for everything this year and being so patient with me. Love you all so much for being right behind me all the time. 2020 let’s go. It’s nice to be nice Love, Nialler

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“What about that petition that was going around online a while back trying to get you and Selena Gomez to get together?” Kyle asked this morning.


“Here we go again,” Niall replied.

“What is that all about? Would you go there?” Kyle continued.

“This petition I feel like has been going on for I think eight years,” said Niall. “Myself and Selena are really good friends with the same group of mates.

“I remember I saw this stupid article a while ago of her walking out of my house or walking into my house or something like that and everyone was like, ‘Oh they’re together’,” Niall continued. “There was also about 15 other people in there for a barbecue. It’s just typical absolute useless nonsense.”


They’re just friends guys! Get over it and move on!

On the bright side, that does mean that Niall Horan is still single… Who wants to start a petition for Niall to date us? Anyone..? 😉

Hear more from our chat with Niall in the podcast below!

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