Yesterday we heard about a challenge set for Intern Pete and Pedro, and as far as challenges go, this was one of the most important they’d ever pull off.

They were to interview Niall Horan, and at the end of the chat, Niall would pick a winner. He was very PUMPED to take part.

Interviewing celebrities is a big perk of the job, and the boys were very excited for the honour.

This may well be why the unfortunate series of events unfolded as they did…

It started off okay, but things went downhill quickly, when Pedro’s nerves got the better of him and Pete didn’t have a gift to match the Western Sydney Wanderers jersey Pedro gifted Niall, so he gave him a KIIS fidget spinner instead…

Who do you think won?! @internpete or Pedro 🙌🏻😂 #KJshow #KIIS1065 @niallhoran

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Frustrated, Pete tried to take the reigns of the interview, but came across looking a little desperate to win, if we’re honest.

All in all, our hearts went out for Niall and what he had to go through.


In the end, he chose Pedro as the winner. And expectedly, Pete didn’t take it well…

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