An Aussie tech startup is set to change the supermarket self-checkout forever.

Thou shalt not steal. It’s a moral virtue almost as old as time. Yet theft still exists all over the world. And since the inception of self-checkout counters at supermarkets, customers have absolutely gone to town. Theft costs Australian retailers $9.3 billion per annum (crazy, right?), and a significant chunk of this happens at the self-checkout. Not scanning items, weighing expensive meats as vegetables, customers have found a number of cunning ways to cheat the system. 

But, in the words of the great Bob Dylan: “The times they are a changin'”. Recently, a man was busted for en elaborate self-checkout scam that incorporated scanning premium meats as the cheapest fruit and veg. He was fined a whopping A$326,000. Another lady was caught conning the system by photocopying barcodes from cheap items and sticking them on other products. She was fined $4,500. And with the announcement of new technology that will identify what product is on the self-scanner, the scamming days might be over.

And this bring us to Will & Woody. On the same day this new technology was announced, Will managed to catch Woody red-handed. Wowee Woody. Watch the video to see what happened, or catch up on the show podcast below!

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