Social media challenges have taken the net by storm for the past couple of years.

From the ice bucket challenge, to the box gap, while some have been fun and profitable for charity, others have been totally centred around vanity and flaunting your body; and the latest challenge is no exception.

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The One Finger Selfie Challenge is prompting men and women to take naked mirror selfies while simultaneously covering their nipples AND genitals in a mirror selfie using only one finger.

The risk is that one slight move could expose much more than they bargained for.


YouTuber Aimee Davison actually filmed herself attempting the challenge, which she says was started by a cartoon drawing created by Japanese anime artist Sky-freedom.

Davidson says she was hesitant about whether the trick would work in real-life and in the clip she first tries it out wearing pants.

At first she was confused about how she will use the same finger to cover her nether regions.


‘If it’s blocking there, how is it going to block here?’ she asks while slowly moving her finger around. But it only takes a slight adjustment before she figures it out.

Is this going too far now?