With NSW in the middle of a drought and currently fighting intense bushfires, our low water storage levels are certainly cause for concern.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Sydney’s water storage levels are currently on track to be at their lowest level in history by next year.

And if things don’t change, we could face hitting “day zero”, or a day when the water will actually run out, in the near future.

Current trends mean that Sydney has enough water to last us until May 2022, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“Sydney is not immune to the drought,” said Water Minister Melinda Pavey to the publication. “NSW is in the worst drought on record, city and country.

“We all need to be doing our bit to conserve as much water as we can.”

The lowest water storage level in Sydney was recorded in February 2007 at 33.8 per cent. According to the Water NSW website, we are currently sitting at 46.8 per cent, dropping by 0.5 per cent in the past week and 15.1 per cent in the last year. \


Some dams in rural areas are at much lower levels, with regional towns being warned that they could run out much sooner.

We are currently facing level 1 water restrictions in Sydney and are on the brink of reaching level 2.

“We are currently doing the work to secure water for Greater Sydney with preliminary planning for the expansion of the Sydney Desalination Plant,” Ms Pavey said.

This comes as more than 70 fires are still burning across the state as firefighters work to keep them under control.

The weather bureau is currently predicting more strong winds, dry air and high temperatures over the coming days.

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