If you’re obsessed with anything to do with weddings and you’re a fan of reality show Queer Eye, then take a break from planning your own future wedding and listen up! We’ve found the PERFECT new show for you to binge.

It’s called ‘Say I Do’ and it’s a new series on Netflix at the moment from the same people that brought us the Fab Five.

Basically the show brings together three experts into a small town to help a deserving couple plan the wedding day of their absolute dreams. And seriously, how do we sign them up to plan ours?

Each episode follows the journey of one couple as the experts, Interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen and chef Gabriele Bertaccini, work to put together the perfect wedding for them.

The only catch? They have to put it all together in one week! Which is insane in wedding time and makes it doubly incredible to see what they are able pull off.

Honestly it’s just a really feel-good show which is exactly what we need in our lives right now. And come on, who doesn’t LOVE watching a show about weddings (We’re obsessed with Say Yes To The Dress!)

Check out the trailer for it right here:


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