Renee Bargh might be an Aussie about to head home to co-host the new season of The Voice, but for a long time she has been caught up in the world of Hollywood.

For years now Renee has lived in LA working as an entertainment reporter for Extra tv show and so she’s no stranger to the world of celebrities.

But did she ever date one?

Rumours circled a while back that Renee actually dated Top Gun actor Tom Cruise for a while, despite their 24 year age gap.

The rumours were going around after Renee interviewed Tom for his film Mission Impossible over in Paris, with the reports suggesting that Tom was flirting up a storm with her.


Following the interview, talks of a romance blossoming between the two were rampant. But looks like there was nothing more here than rumours!

Renee joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning when she revealed that she never dated the Hollywood actor.

“How did the rumour come out about you and Tom Cruise being an item?” Jackie asked Renee this morning.

“Hey? I never even heard that rumour,” Kyle added. Oh keep up Kyle!

Renee on the other hand just laughed and explained it was nothing more than a good interview between her and Tom.

“That is so funny!” she laughed. “That was a really funny one. That’s one of those ones where you look at it and I got all these messages and emails from people in Australia being like, ‘Oh my gosh you’re the new girlfriend’ and I’m like ‘Where did this come from?’.


“And I look it up and I honestly can say with full conviction, I have no idea. We just had a couple of great interviews on a red carpet, I think in Paris and then someone just wrote that article.”

“And the best thing was, then there was an article backing it up saying, ‘Oh no they weren’t flirting, there wasn’t any of that, it was just a great interview’. So it was just one of those really ridiculous things. It came out of no where.”


Kyle certainly agreed that it sounds ridiculous, saying that Renee would be so much taller than Tom Cruise. But she didn’t actually agree with that one, saying that the actor is actually mush taller than we might think.

“I can’t se you two together though,” Jackie said.

“No Renee’s tall. She’s got length to her. It’d be crazy,” Kyle added.


“I’m not that tall,” Renee replied, saying that she’s 5’7. “Tom was actually taller than me when I interviewed him. Everybody was mentioning that and he wasn’t, he was taller than me.

“And he’s wonderful, I love Tom Cruise,” she added.

Love’s him as a friend/actor though, not in any romantic way it seems!

Although if you’re going to have rumours going around about you, we guess you’d want them to be that you’re dating an A-List celeb amiright?


Hear more from our chat with Renee in the podcast below!

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