Someone call the doctor, because your heart is literally about to explode when you see these newly released images of Charles, Prince of Wales with her newest grandson, Prince Louis.

Last week we were treated to some rare candid images of the royal family, minus the Queen, in celebration of Prince Charles’ 70th Birthday.

And while we thought that these alone were so perfect that we wouldn’t mind framing a copy for our own homes, apparently they weren’t the only images, nor the cutest ones of the bunch, that were to be released!

Newly Released Photos Of Prince Charles Playing With His Grandson Prince Louis Show A Different Side To The Royal Family

Since then we have come across a number of other pictures that highlight the adorable and playful relationship that the heir to the throne appears to have with his youngest grandson, and William and Kate’s son, Prince Louis.


And we mean it, you’re heart is literally about to explode as you can legitimately feel the pure joy radiating from these candid pics!

The three images, captured by royal photographer Chris Jackson, were posted to the Instagram account of ST Magazine in celebration of Charles’ birthday.

The first shows Charle’s holding Louis’ hands as he is held in the arms of his mum Kate Middleton. A caption on top of the image reads “Grandpa Wales”, which is just too cute in itself.

The second, and one of our personal favs, shows Charles holding Louis with a massive grin on his face.


And finally, the third is another group shot, similar to the original photos that were published of the royal family, only this time we see just how cheeky baby Louis is as he reaches out to grab his Grandfather Charles’ face.

We could honestly stare at these all day!

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