If you think that you can get away with using your phone while driving, think again, because a new camera is currently being tested across NSW that is designed to detect not only those using a phone but also analyse a driver’s behaviour.

The cameras can already be found in parts of NSW as the state government has quietly begun a test of the “smart” detection cameras that catches drivers on their mobile phones.

New Cameras Will Catch Those Texting, Talking, Reading Or Listening To A Mobile Device while driving

One of these new cameras can be found amongst a cluster f cameras on Sydney’s M4. It uses stills, video and artificial intelligence to determine if a driver is talking, texting, reading or listening to a mobile device.

The camera’s are able to distinguish whether a person is texting or using Facebook instead of focusing on driving their vehicle.

There are currently three cameras being tested by competing companies with the first of these new cameras located on the overpass at Clunies Ross Street in Prospect.

During this testing period, no infringements will be handed out until the technology has been proven effective. All test recordings will be deleted.


The real-life trials are expected to start as early as next year.

The trial process will test the accuracy of the technology to make sure the technology is able to determine if a driver or passenger is using the phone and whether the user is the registered owner of the vehicle or not.

Over the past five years, 184 crashes in NSW have been caused by mobile phone use, resulting in seven deaths and 47 serious injuries.

“You’re much more likely, more than 20 times more likely, to be involved in a crash if you’re testing and driving,” said Bernard Carlon from the NSW Centre for Road Safety.

The state government is hoping that this new technology will encourage drivers to follow the road rules and will save money and lives.

“We are confident we will get the technology right,” said Transport Minister Melinda Pavey. “But we’re not going to trick anybody.”