While we as TV viewers only saw Locky Gilbert eliminated from Survivor last night, before then being announced as the freaking Bachelor this morning, and so for us everything that happens onscreen feels very fresh.

And so of course when we heard that Locky would be going on the hunt for love with Channel 10’s infamous reality show our minds immediately thought, ‘BUT WHAT ABOUT BROOKE?!’


In case you haven’t been glued to Survivor All Stars, Locky and fellow contestant Brooke Jowett had a bit of a romantic alliance throughout their time on the show together.

While the pair worked on outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the other camp mates together, they also had a bit more of a relationship-type connection at the same time.

Ahead of the show airing, Brooke and Locky both confessed to the romance while speaking with The Daily Telegraph.

“He’s pretty big and manly so as soon as I saw him on the beach I knew I was in a bit of trouble,” Brooke said at the time.


“There was never too much PD anywhere on the island, just hugs and some cuddles I guess. Remember we haven’t showered in ages,” Locky said. “Even though, Brooke seemed stunning every day.”

So we just have one question… WHAT HAPPENED?!

Well when Locky joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning following his announcement as The Bachelor, he explained that a lot actually happened in between the filming of Survivor and when it actually airs on TV.

“On the show, you and Brooke seemed to have some sort of romance going on,” Jackie said this morning.


“Yeah, Brooke’s an amazing girl, but the thing is it was filmed like five months ago,” Locky told us. “So it was quite a while ago.”

He also told us that when you’re on survivor, you tend to cling to one person in order to remain somewhat sane while on a deserted island. And this doesn’t always translate into an actual relationship in the real world.

“On that show you’re going to need that person that you can fully trust and if you don’t you can kind of lose your mind out there,” he continued. “Me and Brooke just connected out there and we had lots to talk about, so I think that really helped me in the game.”

We’d say that after filming finished, one of the issues in starting up an actual relationship outside of the show is the fact that Locky actually lives in Bali, while Brooke is based in Melbourne.

As many of us know too well, long distance relationships are TOUGH! Although, Locky did tell us this morning that if he was completely in love with the right person he would consider moving.

“I’m in between Bali and Perth. I’ve got a company in Bali, I run adventure tours there,” Locky explained.


“And you’re prepared to move to Sydney or Melbourne? Like you don’t care?” Beau Ryan asked, who was filling in for Kyle this morning.

“For the right person and the right opportunities,” Locky replied. “Love is a big thing to move for. I’ve got something really good going for me now, for me to move, love’s going to have to be massive and there has to be opportunities, but I’m definitely willing to move.”

But despite things fizzling out, now that Locky and Brooke already know that they have a connection, we wonder whether Brooke will consider applying for The Bachelor..?

Now THAT would be a blindside for the other girls in the mansion if she walked in as an intruder!

Hear more from our chat with the new Bachelor Locky in the podcast below!

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