The women on the Real Housewives of Sydney are known to be quite explosive with each other but we never knew just how heated some of them would get with the people working behind the scenes.

That is until one of the producers on the reality TV show, Michael Vartuli, posted never before seen footage of an incident that occurred on set but never actually made it to air.

The shocking footage shows one of the housewives pushing and shoving the camera man before spitting out an array of verbal abuse, and it’s actually quite shocking.

The incident is said to have occurred right after another massive fight that did make it to air when all of the women had been at a restaurant having dinner.

The footage that was shown on the episode saw Victoria Rees and Athena Levendi butting heads with tons of insults thrown around as well as a few drinks.


In the end, Victoria decided that she would remove herself from the situation and left the table saying that she was going home. However, she didn’t make it far as the producers attempted to stop her from leaving the venue. This is when the unseen fight occurred.

“How do I get home from here..I’m going home,” Victoria is heard saying to a group of producers before telling the camera directed at her to stop filming.

When the filming doesn’t stop, Victoria is seen to lose her cool even more. In the leaked footage, she can be seen pushing and shoving the cameraman as well as verbally abusing a number of staff from the show, including the producer who posted the video.

“You are such a f*cking stupid little p**fter,” Victoria is heard saying to the producer in question. “Everyone hates you. Everyone.”

Kyle and Jackie O spoke to one of the other housewives of Sydney, Lisa Oldfield, to ask her about the incident. Lisa said that she had been away that night but it makes people understand just how high pressured the environment is on set.

“I actually wasn’t there…I missed it all,” said Lisa. “But I think you can start to understand why my drinking went from a hobby to a full time career. It was full on.”


You can watch the horrifying moment occur in the video above.

Kyle And Jackie O Discuss The Leaked Footage Of A Fight Behind The Scenes Of RHOS

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