Netflix is great and all, but we can all agree that trying to decide what the heck to put on is unbelievably frustrating.

It usually takes so long to pick something you all agree on – which ends up being something exactly none of you actually want to watch – that it’s past your bedtime and you’re 100 per cent done with it all.

Which is where Netflix’s latest genius invention comes in; the TV streaming giants have come up with a “video preview” function that lets you see “specially designed video synopses” when you hover over a title.

They’re quick to point out that this isn’t a trailer or teaser, either, but a targeted wrap-up to really give you a feel for the characters and plot points. 

“These previews launch globally today and will become available on eligible devices over the next few weeks,” the company wrote on their blog. “They will be available on Netflix-enabled devices, which includes the majority of game consoles and Roku devices, with smart TVs and others getting updated in the coming months.”

Netflix and chill just got a whole lot chiller. 


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