In 1983, a road trip comedy called National Lampoon’s Vacation set the tone for all road-trip comedies.

Chevy Chase starred as the well-meaning patriarch of the Griswold family, he takes his family on the road trip from hell. But where are they now?

Chevy Chase, who played Clark Griswold, was a Saturday Night Live regular and reprised his role in three more ‘Vacation’ movies as well as the reboot starring Ed Helms & Christina Applegate.

He had a three season run on NBC’s Community.

Beverly D’Angelo, who played Ellen Griswold, had a career boom after the movie, starring in Entourage and American History X.

She also reprised her role in the Vacation remake.

Anthony Michael Hall played Rusty Griswold, which was his very first role.


He went on to appear on SNL, The Dark Knight in 2008 and more recently Awkward and Psych. It also seems he couldn’t stay away from Chevy Chase, appearing in two episodes of Community.

Dana Barron played Audrey Griswold, which was one of her first roles.

She played Rusty’s younger sister despite being two year older than co-star Hall. She reprised her role in the made-for-TV movie Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure and has appeared on Leverage.

Randy Quaid played Cousin Eddie, and is the brother of Dennis Quaid.

He’s reprised his role in two more Vacation films, but recently ran into some legal trouble and took refuge in Canada…

Miriam Flynn played Cousin Catherine and has found plenty of work since the film.


She currently has a regular role on Suburgatory.

Jane Krakowski played Cousin Vicki, making her screen debut.

She’s best known for her role on 30 Rock as Jenna Maroney.

Eugene Levy played the Car Salesman, but first made a name for himself on the Canadian version of SNL – SCTV.

He’s most recognisable for playing Jim’s dad in American Pie.

Christie Brinkley played the girl in the ferrari, in one of the film’s most notorious scenes where she drives next to Clark, distracting him from his family.


She recently appeared as Jerry’s wife in Parks & Recreation.

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