Nasser went on Married At First Sight looking for love but unfortunately things didn’t work out between him Gab, the woman that the experts had chosen to pair him with.

And while it seemed like the two just had incredibly different personalities that tended to clash more than compliment each other, rumours began to spread that the reason why the pair have chosen to just be friends might be because Nasser might actually be gay.

Nasser has completely denied the rumours to date and has put the rumours down to the fact that he is a metrosexual man who is accepting of all people no matter their sexuality.

But then today as he was speaking with Kyle and Jackie about the rumours, Nasser actually offered to take Brooklyn, our newsreader, on a DATE!

Basically Kyle was telling Nasser that as soon as the rumours started spreading, all of the homosexual guys, including Brooklyn, wanted to hit him up for a date! And well, Nasser seemed quite keen!


“Listen, I don’t discriminate and if you want to have a date, let’s have a date,” said Nasser.

But as it turns out, Brooklyn might not be Nasser’s type because he tends to be a tad messy while we all saw on MAFS that Nasser has some OCD tendencies…

Watch the whole thing unfold in the video above!

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