Nasser from the last season of Married At First Sight has proved to be a bit of a hot head, especially when it comes to getting himself the highly coveted blue tick on Instagram, but today we experienced this rage first hand. And BOY was it crazy!

It all went down during first calls on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, when one listener, Rosie, called up to tell us about a run in that she’d recently had with the reality TV contestant.

“I don’t know if you guys have heard, but Nasser is ringing up and harassing people because he doesn’t have a blue tick and if people say something rude to him on insta,” explained Rosie. “I’ve experienced this first hand.”

In case you need a bit of a catch up here, the blue tick is a feature on Instagram that signifies that an account belongs to a celebrity or personality. And well, Nasser is on the hunt to get himself one.

He’s been pleading his case in recent times on his own Instagram account, blasting Instagram for not recognising him as the big profile person that he clearly is… And as expected, some people are kinda taking the piss out of him in the comments.


But instead of just ignoring the bad comments apparently Nasser is reading every single one and making it his mission to seek revenge on each person. Rosie told us that she had experienced the wrath of Nasser herself after her colleague had written one of these cheeky comments on the reality contestants Instagram page.

“He called up my work yesterday and he posed as one of my friend’s dad and said, ‘It’s a family emergency, I need to speak to him. Can you please put me through to him’,” she explained.

“He didn’t say who it was so of course I’m like ‘Oh my god, somethings wrong’. And I tried to call the guy but he didn’t answer so I said, ‘Sorry look, he didn’t answer’, and he goes I want to speak to his boss.”

Of course we were a little bit confused how Nasser even managed to find out where this guy worked let alone why he thought it would be a good idea to impersonate a family member. Rosie claimed that Nasser had actually stalked her colleague through social media to get his contact details.

“My friend commented on his Instagram page so he stalked him on Facebook to find out where he worked,” she said.

Basically Nasser eventually got through to Rosie’s friend and blasted him for daring to say that he’s not famous enough to have a blue tick (seriously, the pettiness is insane). And so Rosie decided to step in and also commented on Nasser’s Instagram.


“I commented on his Instagram page saying okay enough’s enough, stop harassing people,” she explained.

And this is when Nasser changed his aim and fired back at Rosie. Not only did he respond to her comments but he also decided to call up the show this morning to respond to Rosie’s claims…or at least give Rosie a piece of his mind live on air.

Let’s just say it was not pretty and Nasser wasn’t holding back. Listen to his massive rant in the video above!

If you want to see more of Nasser’s explosive personality you can see him go head to head with the paparazzi on Kyle’s new TV show, Trial By Kyle TONIGHT at 8:30pm on Channel 10’s Pilot Week.

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