Nasser gets pretty fired up when people make up rumours about him but that doesn’t stop him from throwing gossip around about other people! Especially when it comes to the other contestants from Married At First Sight.

Last time he appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Nasser got into a bitter feud with fellow contestant Ryan because he thought that Ryan’s new comedy show was homophobic.

And well, when Nasser agreed to come and have a chat on the show once again today he started talking about another MAFS star that he doesn’t seem to be on good terms with either, his ex-reality wife Gab.

When Gab and Nasser were first paired up on the show it seemed like they might be one of the couples to last the distance, as Nas seemed completely infatuated with his on-screen bride. But things quickly turned ugly with the pair choosing to part ways in the end.

And now according to Nasser, Gab, like many of the other contestants from this season of MAFS, has kicked off a new relationship with one of the other guys from the show!


“I can tell you that now, Gab is sleeping with Sean from Adelaide,” said Nasser.

Now in case you’re confused this isn’t frosted tips Sean who just recently split from Tracey, this is Sean that was labelled the show dud after his pretty boring and short marriage with the loud Jo on the show.

“Sean Jo’s ex,” clarified Nasser. “I’ve got sources all over Australia and apparently she flew down to see Ryan’s gig and Jo caught them in the hotel room.”

Now of course this is just rumours, spurting from the mouth of Gab’s ex might we add, so really we can’t say for certain if there’s any truth to them until Gab or Sean confirm it themselves. 

But it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a wife swap saga came from this season of MAFS. (In fact there’s been far too many of them to count!) But if Nasser really is speaking the truth, apparently Gab had a soft spot for Sean throughout the entire show!

Hear what Nasser had to say in the video above.

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