Two wannabe federal MPs are staging a Lady Godiva-inspired stunt through the streets of Melbourne, hoping the sight of a naked woman on horseback will shock Australians into doing more about climate change.

Senate candidates Paul Wittwer and Kammy Cordner Hunt have recruited 31-year-old blonde Sarah Keecher, and a horse, for Monday’s mid-morning “modestly” naked trot.

Five days ahead of the national poll, the stunt aims to pique voter interest in the policies of the Independents for Climate Action Now party.

It’s based on the medieval legend of Lady Godiva, who is said to have worn only her flowing blonde hair as she rode a horse through the English city of Coventry to shame her husband – an earl – into cutting taxes.

Party supporter Ms Keecher will parade past landmarks including St Paul’s Cathedral and the National Gallery of Victoria to expose what the candidates claim is the federal government inaction on climate change.

“It will be exposure but it won’t be indecent,” Ms Cordner Hunt said of the level of nudity.

“She’ll have a medieval cape. We don’t want the poor girl to freeze.”


Independents for Climate Action Now was registered in April, slightly more than a month ahead of Saturday’s election, as an alternative to the Greens.

“I’m regional and have been involved in spreading the Greens’ message before but that message suffers a great deal of negative PR in country and regional areas,” Ms Cordner Hunt said.

The party has eight Senate candidates across Victoria, Queensland and NSW, including outspoken Anglican rector Rod Bower running in the latter state.

Its policies include matching the Greens’ 100 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, as well as mandating solar power for all new homes where suitable, bringing back a price on carbon and banning new fossil fuel industry development.

“In 100 years time we want people to be glad that we stood up now, in 2019,” Ms Cordner Hunt said.