What’s your first thought when someone doesn’t answer the front door?

Strip naked and climb down their chimney? No, probably not.

Yet that’s exactly what happened in California on the weekend.

After her ex didn’t answer the front door on Saturday, a 35 year old woman decided to take matters into her own hands reports the NY Post.

Stripping off to nothing but her birthday suit, she attempted to climb down his 12×12 inch chimney stack – to do what… we’re not quite sure.

As to be expected, she soon found herself stuck with nowhere to go.


According to Tony Hernandez, who has two kids with the unnamed woman, he woke up to her cries at around 5am.

And after some failed attempts to get her out – it was the firies turn.

Two hours later and with the fireplace well and truly ruined, the woman was freed and taken to hospital.

While we’d like to think this is a one off incident… it’s not.

According to the NY Post, just last October another Californian woman attempted a similar bust with her ex.

At least that time she remained clothed.

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