A mystery man donated his wife’s wedding dress with a beautiful note attached.

Employees at the the Garforth branch of St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds, England, discovered an adorable sentiment attached to the vintage dress.

The note said: “I wish any lady who takes this dress to have a life with her loved one. 56 years like I did. Happy years. I was a lucky man to marry a lady like mine.”

The identity of the mystery man is still unknown, but the hospice is determined to find out who he is.

Nicola Woodgate, head of marketing and communications at the hospice, said they are using their Facebook page to get the word out to find the original owners of the 56-year-old dress. 

“What we really want to do is track down who this individual is and maybe see a photograph of his wife wearing the dress at the wedding,” Woodgate told the Mirror.

The dress is currently listed for auction on eBay to raise money for the hospice. 


H/T Redbook Mag

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