Well here’s a story that will stop you in your tracks.

Sounding more like a storyline from Game Of Thrones, one Reddit user has revealed a rather unfortunate predicament.

You see, she’s just learnt her fiancé is her half brother – and he knew for a year!

Due to be married in six weeks, the poster says she doesn’t know what to do.

Talk about an awkward situation.

After working on their wedding invites, “Oopscest” says she accidentally discovered they were related.


Writing that she had always thought his family was pretty much perfect, Ooopscest was shocked to learn his dad was in fact his step dad.

Well we’re sure you can guess where this leads!

“I asked to see a picture of his real dad and I nearly passed out when my MIL showed my a pic of my dad,” she wrote.

“I don’t know how I kept from screaming and stayed conscious. I excused myself from the room and promptly threw up.

“I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m pregnant now; which is just a whole other can of worms unleashed.”


When she confronted her fiancé things got even worse.

“He just sat there, fidgeting. Eventually, he admitted that he’s known for a year but didn’t want to lose me,” she revealed.

“Since we always planned to be childfree, he didn’t see the problem with just keeping it from me.”

The problem says Ooopscest – she’s not sure what to do now. Apparently, it’s not quite as clear cut as outsiders would believe.

“I’m betrayed. I’m disgusted. I’m hurt. I’m ashamed. I’m heartbroken. I don’t know what to do,” she wrote.

“I’ve invested so much money into this wedding and much of it is non-refundable.


“On top of that, I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my family and friends.

“Worse yet, I love him. I know we can’t be together; but until yesterday, I thought we’d grow old together.”

Like we said, it’s a doozy!

However, the plot does thicken in this story of romance and heartbreak.

After the story blew up and more people offered their advice, the post was removed and comments locked on the website.


A moderator in response to the drama, admonished Oopscest who it seems could have been playing with the truth.

Either that, or this story is just too wild for some people to believe!

Check it for yourself here and see what you think…

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