Taylor Swift is known for her pretty epic music videos filled with creative flair and tons of easter eggs, and her latest video venture is no different.

Overnight Tay Tay released the video for her latest single ‘The Man’, in which Swift not only directs but actually dressed up as the main male character.

The song sings about the double standards between men and women and questions whether things would be easier to get ahead in life if Taylor herself was a man.

And so it’s only fitting that Taylor herself dresses up as a man and acts out various scenes where ‘The Man’ gets away with basically being a completely stuck up, A-hole.

There are of course a few cameos throughout the video, including Swift’s own father Scott Swift, who plays the umpire during the tennis scene.


There are also cameos from Jayden Bartels, Dominic Toliver, Loren Gray and even a moment with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

At the end of the clip, ‘The Man’, walks up to Swift as the director to ask if his acting skills were on point during one scene and the voice is actually that of The Rock.

Easter eggs are also scattered throughout the clip including a dig at Leonardo DiCaprio, references to previous albums and the Miss Americana Netflix documentary and even a subtle nod to Swift’s feud with Scooter Braun.

All in all, the best part is watching Taylor act out the role of a fella. So how did she become ‘The Man’? Tay Tay gave us a glimpse at the lengthy makeup and prosthetics process at the end of the music video.


You can watch the whole thing below!

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