If you haven’t heard the buzz around the super talented DJ singer duo Rumor, then get your head in the game!

Having only met 6 months ago the pair already have a hit playing on-air, comprised of Mitchell Curley and Len Pearce from Justice Crew… their origin story is one for the ages.

Picture this…

Scrolling through Gumtree, you’re unemployed, COVID-19 kicked your ass to the curb and you need a job (this is probably relatable to a tonne of us), well the same thing happened to Mitchell.

Curley posted an ad on Gumtree advertising his songwriting skills and fate had it that Len was looking for a, you guessed it!



Stumbling on Mitchell’s ad, the two decided to team up and now they’re taking the Electronic Pop/House genre by storm.

I don’t know about you but I’m taking this as a message from the universe to a) start using Gumtree again and b) remind myself that even the smallest actions can have amazing outcomes!

Check em’ out here:


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