When you think of a woman in labour you think of pain, sweat and tears.

You do NOT think of pole dancing.

But one Mum-to-be decided to flip what we all thought of childbirth on its head and POLE DANCE her way through labour.

Kat Bailey, from Nottinghamshire in the UK, has posted a video of her spinning, hanging and doing the splits mid air after her waters broke and as she was experiencing contractions.

Kat used to be a university lecturer but has since become a pole dancing instructor, so its safe to say she knows what she is doing.


The video already has over 70,000 views!

Kat posted alongside the video saying, “So…I’m officially in labour 🙂 Got a few hours before we go to the hospital so thought I’d do some pole between contractions!”

That’s one way of passing the time!