As a parent, seeing your child smile is one of the best feelings. 

And this Utah mum was willing to go the extra mile to see her five year old daughter happy.

Jamie Dawn Beckstead was in the unenviable position of watching her daughter, Faith May, get diagnosed with a brain tumour

Faith was forced to undergo surgery on July 22 to remove the tumour – but the result also saw her lose a section of her hair.

Understandably, the five year old was upset when she saw a portion of her hair from the front of her scalp to behind her right ear was missing and instead replaced with a scar. 

So to ease the pain and make her daughter feel that slight bit better, Jamie returned to the hospital one day with a matching patch of hair missing. 

While it was only a small gesture, seeing her mum with a matching haircut brought a smile to young Faith’s face. 


The road to recovery may only be beginning, but this is one family that will go to the moon and back to ease the suffering for their youngest daughter. 

Love What Matters posted the photos to Facebook with a very appropriate message. 

“Every superhero has a side kick who picks them up, dusts them off and makes them feel stronger than ever,” it read.

And we’re glad to know that most of Faith’s hair will grow back aside from the exact site of the scar – so with some styling you will hardly be able to tell! 


The family have also started a Go Fund Me Page to go towards the ongoing medical costs of Faith’s procedure.

Jamie, 30, and her husband Austin also have two other daughters, one older and one younger than Faith. 

What a gorgeous little family!

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