We get it, when your little bundle of joy is born you want to give them the best start in life.

For some it might be setting up an investment account. For others it’s giving them a memorable name.

Unfortunately for this mum, that planned backfired when no one could pronounce her newborn daughter’s name.

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Three months on and Carri Kessler has been forced to change her daughter’s unusual moniker.

The US mum says she fell in love with the name Ottilie after hearing it from a friend in the UK.


However not everyone was so quick to fall for it.

Namely because they couldn’t say it.

Despite advising people to try pronouncing it with a British accent, they soon realised it wasn’t the most practical option.

The name was causing that much trouble, the girl’s grandmother had started sticking post-it notes around the house to try and help her remember it.

So they decided it was time to change.


But where do you go from Ottilie?

Margot apparently.

Wonder if this one had an Australian influence?

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