Keeping Up With Kyle Sandilands? For years people have been telling Kyle that he needs to take his ability to talk for a living from the air waves to the TV screen and create his own reality show.

While it might have always seemed like a distant dream that would never become a reality, it seems that it might actually happen after comments that Kyle made today.

Speaking with a listener on the show this morning during first calls, the woman, who appeared to be a major fan of Kyle’s, urged him to start a show about his life with Jackie also supporting the idea.

“I would love you to do a reality show,” said the listener, while Jackie added that she’d been “trying to get him to do one” for a long time.

Usually when someone brings up this topic Kyle turns into a bit of a Negative Nancy and shuts down the idea completely, but today Kyle let us all in on a secret. MTV, famous for their hilarious reality shows like Geordie Shore and Teen Mom, were in talks with him to make a Kyle Sandilands show actually happen.


“I’ve gotta say something, I probably shouldn’t, but the MTV have come to us and said ‘hey’… and MTV make pretty good reality shows,” admitted Kyle. “I wouldn’t do a Channel Ten one like the Bingle one, and MTV would also be in other countries.”

So what would the reality show be about? Well Kyle said that they would want to follow him and his girlfriend Imogen in their day to day duties, being on air for the Kyle and Jackie O show and going to various events and clubs. But Kyle’s a bit concerned that his lifestyle wouldn’t come across as glamorous as people might assume.

“My agent, because he flew in last week from America, and he said, ‘So it’d have to be filming you and Imogen, wherever Imogen would be, like if she’s out, you know clubbing or whatever and then it would shoot back to what you were doing,” said Kyle. “But I’m always just asleep on the lounge.”

Jackie was quick to encourage Kyle in the TV endeavour, telling him that it would actually be quite funny if Imogen was out partying and Kyle’s just at home picking up the dog poo, just like it was on Ozzy Osbourne’s reality stint. And well, that had Kyle convinced.

“That’s exactly what I do, always picking up dog faeces,” admitted Kyle. “And then she’s out with all the gay staff…that probably would be a good show wouldn’t it? Well there you go…It might happen.”

We’d certainly be hooked to it Kyle! Who else would love to see this happen? 


But while Jackie appeared to be the possible show’s biggest supporter at first, this opinion quickly changed when Kyle asked if she would appear on the show too. Turns out, Jackie has no interest in being a reality star. Find out why in the video above.

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