Frozen became a pop culture giant in 2013, and its sequel, the cleverly named Frozen 2, became the highest-grossing animated film of all time after its release last year.

The question that looms large, will there be a Frozen 3?

The sequel ended with a bit of a hinty-hint-hint that perhaps it had reached the end, when Olaf asked Elsa whether danger would keep being a part of their lives, leading her to respond, “No, we’re done.”

But are they, indeed, done?

In November, Frozen 2 writers and directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and producer Peter Del Vecho spoke to Cinemablend, saying that line summed up how they felt about the end of the story.

“I think when we look at these two movies together, what I love about them is you’ve done an amazing job at weaving them,” Del Vecho said. “[They’re] one full story. So, now it feels like a complete journey.”

Lee said, “It feels complete to me,” to which Buck agreed.


Last month, Frozen 2’s director of story told Collider there hadn’t been a discussion about a third instalment.

“I think Frozen 2 is still too close to everyone’s minds and ideas to think about what happens beyond that,” he said.

So yeah, there may be no plans for Frozen 3… but Disney is known for creating sequels when it’s financially beneficial, like Toy Story 4.

Watch this space.

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