Just in time for the school holidays, Cranston Academy: Monster Zone which released in The States last year is finally dropping in Australia!

Featuring Australia’s own, Ruby Rose and Jaime Bell in starring roles, the plot is A GOOD TIME!

It follows the story of Danny, a 15-year-old wacky inventor who whilst bullied in the real world is offered a scholarship to Cranston Academy, a secret, prestigious boarding school for genius kids.

In this new competitive environment, Danny accidentally opens a portal to a monster dimension in an effort to prove his intelligence.

Together with his roommate Liz (Ruby Rose) and his half-human half moth professor, Danny has to defeat monsters and save his school!

Honestly, choka-block full of fun, adventure, bright colours and fun characters… the film will be a hit with the kids and has a strong message too.

Cranston Academy: Monster Zone dropped yesterday the 24th of June!


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