We’ve been beating up pinatas at birthday parties for decades, from donkeys, famous cartoon characters and faces.

But apparently when it is in the form of a cake people find it offensive. 

Media Personality Mia Freedman has been publicly shamed by parents nationwide claiming her eight year old son’s cake was ‘violent’ and inappropriate. 

Taking up the new craze of ‘smash cakes’, her son’s cake was filled with lollies and chocolate and needed to be broken with a rolling pin for the contents to spill out. 

A fun and bright SmashCake to celebrate Remy’s 8th birthday 🔨🍫 #sydneysmashcakes #chocolate #birthday

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She was bombarded with responses about the smash cake premise being ‘violent’ and the children’s attitude after it was smashed as ‘greedy’ ‘gimme gimme’ behaviour. 


While others were quick to stand up for Freedman, the overarching feedback was negative. 

We think it looks like fun!

And as Mia says – NO CLEAN UP!

Sound like an appropriate birthday cake for an eight year old to us. 

Which camp are you on? 


Video via Mia Freedman/Facebook

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