A young mum has told of her agony after her baby without a heartbeat.

Mother Bethanie Millar, from Shropshire in the UK, was rushed to hospital after her waters broke and they were green.

Doctors delivered baby Evelie and worked for eight minutes trying to resuscitate the tot with no luck.

Suddenly, however, her heart started beating on its own and the infant is now making incredible progress.

Mum Bethany told The Mirror,  when she got to hospital, Evelie had no heartbeat and she had an emergency C-section.

Bethanie said “I was awake when doctors told me they couldn’t detect a heartbeat, I was so scared.


“I then went straight into an emergency C-section, it all happened so fast.

“When I came round, my mum and sister were by my bed crying.

“I knew something bad had happened, but I was so out of it I thought I was still pregnant.”

Evelie was rushed to critical care and doctors warned Bethany, her daughter might not survive. 

“Doctors said she’d be a vegetable. I couldn’t stop crying… They told me she wouldn’t be able to see, hear or move.”

However, the family never gave up, and their positivity has paid off as after 84 days in hospital, Evelie was fit enough to go home.


Bethanie’s mother Nikki says Evelie is their “little miracle”.

“She sits up; she’s happy – she even clapped her hands before she was supposed to,” Nikki says.

“We won’t know the extent of the damage if any until she’s two years old, but she’s incredible.”

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