Over the last few years, we have seen a rise of fit mums and women who are bouncing back almost immediately after giving birth and mums are feeling the pressure to do the same.

Australian ‘House of White’ blogger, Olivia White, 27 wanted to take some of the pressure off in her own ‘post baby reality’ online.

To assist mothers in accepting their post-baby bodies, Ms White stripped off and had some stunning professional photos taken of her.

‘Puffy face, droopy milk filled boobs, wider hips and belly full of stretch marks!! That’s my post baby reality, no “bouncing back” here!’ The Melbourne-based mother-of-two wrote on Facebook.

‘And you know what? I couldn’t give a s**t! Because I’m not the same person I was before I had babies, so why would-would I want my body to reflect something and someone I no longer am?

‘Those droopy boobs fed my babies and grew them up big and strong. Those hips and rippled belly were home to my little babies for nine months.’

Ms White said that her body might not be the ‘transformation body so many ogles or aspire to’’ but she doesn’t mind.


‘And sure, some days I wish it didn’t jiggle so much and was a bit “firmer” but then I just remember the awesome s**t it’s done and cut myself some slack and go eat a cheeseburger because we earned it,’ she concluded.

The post has already been shared over 500 times and liked over 2,000 times.

White has two daughters aged two and another aged five months. She admits she had struggled with her body in the past, but she has changed her mindset.

She told the Daily Mail ‘’’I am mindful of the role model I am to them. They look up to me, and if I am placing pressure on myself to look a certain way then they will experience it too,’ Ms White said.

‘I was scared to post it – you always get those negative comments – but I just left it, and it has been overwhelmingly positive.

‘I couldn’t have posted something like that a year ago, but your skin thickens up. At the same time, I am not doing it for everyone, I’m mainly doing it for myself.’


Ms White is advising new mums to enjoy being a mother and not worry about their bodies.

Credit: Daily Mail

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